Laboratoire Papillon is committed to enabling the natural balance of the thyroid function

The laboratory was founded in 2019 by Luc Cockenpot, an industrial pharmacist, and his wife, herself suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Its creation stemmed from the realization that very few natural thyroid-specifically dedicated solutions were available.

Laboratoire Papillon’s mission is to help relieve people with thyroid imbalances by helping them regain their full potential, thanks to a range of food supplements made in France from ingredients of natural origins, and specifically designed by specialists in the field.

Our values:

  • Innovation: original products, specifically targeted for thyroid related-problem solving
  • Quality: production and choice of ingredients following the strictest quality standards
  • Respect for people: our customers satisfaction and well-being are at the heart of our inspiration and actions
  • Respect for nature: the very place where we draw the various elements that make up our products

NATHYROÏD is the very first product created by Laboratoire Papillon. It is a food supplement based on plants, vitamins, minerals and L-tyrosine.

Its active ingredients, of natural origins, promote thyroid balance whenever it tends to function in slow motion. This is made possible by the presence, in particular, of Iodine, Selenium, extract of Indian Myrrh root and of Ashawaghanda, also known as Indian Ginseng. The latter promotes muscle tone, mental energy and focus. NATHYROÏD is composed of 18 active ingredients of natural origins. They are rigorously selected and specifically dosed to help balance the various functions regulated by the thyroid gland.

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More than 6 million people are affected by thyroid dysfunction in France

Hypothyroidism mainly affects women: 8 women for 1 man

15% of women over the age of 65 show signs of hypothyroidism

10% of people on thyroid hormones still have signs of hypothyroidism

50% of French people would like their doctor to advise them on food supplements

Corporate engagement

Laboratoire Papillon’s core corporate values, at the heart of our daily actions and various innovations are as follows: quality of our products, respect for people, respect for nature.

High quality ingredients, strict quality control of both raw materials and finished products


Made in France, by a “Laboratoire d’Innovation Végétale”, certified ISO 22000


No coloring, preservatives, gluten, aspartame or nanoparticles are to be found in our products

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